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A Half Saree, also known as a Langa Voni in South India, is a traditional Indian outfit that consists of three main components: a long skirt, a choli or blouse, and a dupatta or veil. Here's a description of each component, along with search keywords to help you find the perfect half saree:

1. Skirt (Langa):
- The skirt, also called the langa or lehenga, is a long and flared garment that typically reaches the ankles. It is designed to be worn from the waist and features various embellishments and designs.
- "Half saree skirt," "Langa Voni," "Lehenga for half saree."

2. Choli or Blouse:
- The choli is the upper part of the outfit and can vary in style and design. It is usually fitted and often features intricate embroidery, zari work, or other embellishments.
- "Half saree blouse," "Choli for Langa Voni," "Traditional blouse designs."

3. Dupatta or Veil:
-  The dupatta is a long piece of fabric that is draped over one shoulder or around the neck. It can be plain or embellished to match the skirt and choli, and it adds an elegant touch to the outfit.
- "Half saree dupatta," "Langa Voni veil," "Dupatta styles for half saree."

Half sarees are especially popular in South India, and they are commonly worn by young girls during traditional ceremonies, festivals, and special occasions. When searching for a half saree, you can use these keywords along with your preferred colour, design, or fabric to find a half saree that suits your style and occasion.


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