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Different Lehenga Dupatta Styles in 2023

If you thought wearing Bridal Wear with Lehenga Dupatta Styles was a simple matter of draping it over your shoulders, think again.

Lehenga Dupatta Style

If you thought wearing a dupatta with your lehenga was simply draping it over your shoulders, think again. There are so many variations to the classic dupatta draping that you will want to try them all. The most common lehenga dupatta style is the one-shoulder drape. The dupatta can then be tied at the waist or fastened with a belt or a pin. But if you are a bride looking for unique dupatta draping styles for lehenga, this blog is for you. 

Single lehenga dupatta drape over-the-head styles

A popular bridal trend is to wear one lehenga dupatta pinned on top of the head. Remarkably, you can wear it slung over one shoulder or let it hang over your back. Additionally, a variation on this is to drape the lehenga dupatta over one shoulder and over the chest on the other shoulder, reminiscent of how Sikh brides wear dupattas.

Different Dupatta Style

This more traditional lehenga dupatta style features the dupatta as a prominent part of the ensemble. However, if it is plain and simple, this look may not complement your outfit effectively.

Single dupatta as a wrist accessory

A modern lehenga dupatta style is to wear it draped over the head, over one shoulder on the same side. This elevates the traditional way of wearing the dupatta. The dupatta can be tied to one or both wrists in some styles.

Bridal Lehenga with Accessory

This provides a fairytale-like look to the lehenga, like the princesses that graced palaces years ago. This style accessorizes the wrist as well. These looks are perfect for a bride during her wedding or reception. 

Single dupatta as a cape Lehenga Styles

Wearing the dupatta over both shoulders across the chest is another variation of the unique dupatta draping style for lehenga. This style resembles how it is worn with salwar suits and is often donned during informal occasions like a Mehendi or Haldi ceremony.

Single Dupatta Lehenga Choli

An alternative is wearing the dupatta draped over the shoulders and upper arms like a cape. This shows off the dupatta and is suitable for formal events like wedding receptions. A variation to this look is to wear a bunched-up dupatta over both elbows. This is the perfect look for formal occasions where the dupatta is the same color and has the same work as the rest of the lehenga.  

Single dupatta as a sash across the body 

Another traditional style with a modern twist is to wear the dupatta over one shoulder, across the body, and tucked in at the back. This showcases the dupatta well alongside the blouse and lehenga skirt. This is perfect for a sangeet function or a reception lehenga where the dupatta supports the glamour of the lehenga itself. This is perfect for a lehenga net dupatta style, as the net fabric doesn’t overpower the lehenga. 

Double dupattas over the head 

Another dupatta draping style gaining popularity is wearing a double dupatta. One dupatta will be the same color or will match the lehenga itself, while the other will be in a contrasting yet complementary color.

Single Dupatta Lehenga Choli

This is quite a modern twist on a traditional look. Drape the first dupatta, usually the self-colored one, over the head, and pleat and drape the other dupatta over one shoulder. Moreover, you can drape the second dupatta as a sash across the body.

Double dupattas with belt lehenga Styles

While handling one dupatta and a heavy lehenga is difficult, add another dupatta, and brides will be struggling. That’s where the waist belt comes in. Used as a fashion accessory and practical help, this modern lehenga dupatta style keeps the ensemble together and makes it more manageable.

Double Dupatta Lehenga Choli Style

This will ensure that brides can dance at their sangeet function or wedding reception without worrying about which part of their outfit is coming undone.  

Double dupatta over shoulders

In this variant of the double dupatta style, the lehenga dupattas are pleated and draped over each shoulder. This imparts a grand appearance to the entire ensemble, suitable for formal events where the bride can wear it at her wedding or reception with


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